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The Winlet 575TH is a glazing robot attachment designed to fit onto Telehandlers or Forklifts.

It has a maximum lifting capacity of 575kg and is ideal for installation of windows in building – where terrain is difficult at a low level, or at a higher level where the telehandler can reach.

The Winlet 575TH has its own hydraulic system which makes it independent from the Telehandler. It has a dual circuit vacuum system for safety. With 7 hydraulic functions – both lateral / vertical movement, rotation and head slewing – glass panels can be manoeuvred carefully and precisely into place.

Multifunction control panel in operator friendly design with integrated buttons.
Signal lights and double action safety keys are both standard.

Max Lifting Capacity

575 kg

Lift Height

2700 mm

Max Extension (from front bumper to suction cup)

400 mm

Extension Capacity (at max extension)

200 kg

Tilt Function

Back 60 / Forth 86°



Fine Lift on Jib Head

200 mm

Suction cups (Glass)

4 @ 410mm

Total Machine Weight

781 kg


2x 60AH

Forklift Points

70 x 150mm

Remote Control


External Length

1490 + 695 mm

External Width

799 mm

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