Winlet 600


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A new way to control safety and installation costs

The Winlet 600 glazing robot can lift and manipulate loads weighing up to 600kg with ease. Install glass with minimal manual handling and the smallest possible teams to control safety and costs.

Clients will be impressed with productivity and safety gains using Winlet glazing robots. While its compact design and reduced working envelope perfectly fits the need of modern complex, multi-task worksites, supporting sustainable, highly productive construction systems.

Winlet insight: As with all Winlet robots, the Winlet 600 can be fitted with extension arms to assist in the lifting of large or irregularly shaped loads. Specialist vacuum cups to lift non-smooth materials, and extension bars for lifting mullioned panels are also available.

Max Lifting Capacity

600 kg

Lift Weight

3300 mm

Max Extension (from front bumper to suction cup)

1300 mm

Extension Capacity (at max extension)

300 kg

Side Lift Capacity

300 kg

Tilt Function





100 mm

Fine Lift on Jib Head

190 mm

Suction cups (Glass)

4 @ 350 mm

Total Machine Weight

1000 kg

Light Weight (excluding counterweights)

865 kg


2 x 95 ah

Remote Control


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