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Glass Trolleys & A Frame Trolleys

Trolleys enable you to safely manoeuvre building materials across the work site safely and more productively than moving solely by hand.

  • Glass panels or glass panes
  • Curved glass panels
  • Cladding sheets

Heavy duty glass or A Frame trolleys are also available. 

Our glass trolleys come in a variety of sizes – all compact in size, simple to use and move as well as providing a sturdy base for moving glass panels across site. 

Manufactured in the UK, our glass trolleys can be delivered direct to site or your premises.

Can you use a trolley for curved glass panels?

Yes – Our curved glass trolley is suitable for curved glass sheets up to a maximum of 100mm thick. 

Is there a trolley for plate glass panels?

Yes – Hird Sales stock a number of different glass trolleys suitable for plate glass sheets, including ultra compact and ultra narrow trolleys when space is at a premium at the point of installing glass panels.

Is there training available for Glass Trolley operation?

Hird recommend manual handling training for working with glass trolleys

It is a half day course and successful candidates receive a certificate valid for five years.

What is the maximum capacity for a glass trolley

Our present range has a maximum safe working load of 1000kg.

We have three models with this high capacity.

Are all Glass Trolleys for sale?

All of the glass trolleys in our shop are available to buy.

What’s the best way of moving glass sheets?

Moving Glass panes or sheets of glass around site or workplace?

You need a glass trolley.

Call Hird Sales team to discuss the best glass trolley available for your needs.

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Call the Hird Sales team – 01482 481960

Onsite Delivery

Welcome to the Hird Sales Store

We supply a wide variety of lifting equipment and accessories to help make your lifting and moving safer and more productive.

From innovative lifting solutions to essential accessories like lifting slings, and PPE – we stock the lot.

We maintain good stock levels of many items so they can be delivered next day to site.

Our promise - the right equipment delivered to site, when and where you need it, with correct certification.

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