Winlet 1000


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The glazing robot with a 1 tonne capacity

Trends in building design have seen glass panel sizes growing, and Winlet is determined to keep up. The Winlet 1000 can lift glass panels weighing up to 1000kg. But it does not compromise in any way on lifting and load manipulation performance.

Despite the weight of the load being lifted, the glass robot’s unique powered steering system makes it easy to move the load into position, then fit into the aperture with millimetre precision using Winlet’s gyroscopic controls.

Winlet insight: As with all Winlet glass installation robots, the Winlet 1000 delivers flexible glass lifting. For example, the Winlet 1000, Winlet 785 and Winlet 575 can be fitted with a curved glass adaption kit for installing curved glass weighing up to 560kg, depending on the model.

Max Lifting Capacity

1000 kg

Lift Weight

4100 mm

Max Extension (from front bumper to suction cup)

2500 mm

Extension Capacity (at max extension)

300 kg

Side Lift Capacity

300 kg

Tilt Function





75 mm

Fine Lift on Jib Head

200 mm

Suction Cups (Glass)

4 @ 410 mm

Total Machine Weight

1850 kg

Light Weight (excluding counterweights)

1300 kg


2 x 150 ah

Remote Control


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