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Winlet 1000 Crawler Bi-Levelling BL


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Winlet Crawler Bi-Levelling is a “state-of-the-art” machinery distinguished by being all terrain manoeuvrable as well as having dynamic levelling of the complete manipulator on both horizontal axes.

Crawled traction and low ground pressure

Winlet Crawler Bi-Leveling can operate in all different types of terrain e.g. stairs, ensuring maximum manoeuvrability and precision even in the most narrow spaces, with a minimum of ground pressure – and without any kind of outriggers needed at any time.

Dynamic levelling

Levelling of the manipulator occurs completely automatically when the Dynamic Levelling System function is used, even on slopes and in very uneven terrain.

Winlet Crawler Bi-Leveling will automatically and simultaneously adapt to longitudinal slopes of up to 15° (27%) and transverse slopes of up to 14° (25%) at the same time, ensuring optimum safety and extremely efficient transportation or installation.

External Length

2.830 mm

External Width

1.460 – 1.640 mm

Max Lifting Capacity

1.000 kg

Max Lifting Height - Raised carrier

4.500 mm

Max Lifting Hight - Lowered carrier

4.170 mm

Total Weight

2.850 kg

Max Overhead Installation - Raised carrier

4.770 mm

Max Overhead Installation - Lowered carrier

4.770 mm

Max Reach - No tilt on carrier

2.200 mm

Max Reach - Carrier tilted forward

2.600 mm

Hydraulic Side Shift

75 mm

Fine Lift On Arm

200 mm

Front Tilt Function

Horizontal arm – BACK: 43° FORTH: 88°

Hydraulic Rotation

360 °

Suction Cups

4 x ø410 mm


48V, 420 AH

Max Speed

0- 2,2 kph

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