UK’s biggest gas distributor selects Winlet Lasius lifting power

UK’s biggest gas distributor selects Winlet Lasius lifting power

Engineers working for Britain’s biggest gas distribution network are taking advantage of lifting power from Hird Sales by investing in a Winlet Lasius pick and carry crane.

Cadent is using the highly compact crane to support maintenance of pipes and valves essential to the safe supply of gas across north, central and eastern regions of the UK.

The Winlet Lasius battery electric pick and carry crane has a maximum safe working load (SWL) of 1,000kg yet is just 880mm wide, allowing it to be moved through highly constrained spaces to carry out lifts.

Hird Sales is the UK and Ireland distributor for all Winlet products, which also include advanced Winlet glazing robots and a range of powerful Winlet ErgoMover electric materials trolleys.

Cadent’ Portfolio Project Supervisor in the East Midlands, Greg Loveland, said: “The Lasius is going to be a very useful lifting device for us. Everything about its design minimises the amount of effort and  manual handling for our technicians during a lift.

“In fact, manual handling is all but eliminated. It’s going to improve safety and productivity, and reduce costs because we won’t have to book in so many contract lifts for maintenance on particularly difficult sites.”

Winlet Lasius in action on site

‘Perfect lifting tool’ rises to gas maintenance challenge

The Cadent engineers are still discovering new ways the Winlet Lasius pick and carry crane will support their maintenance work, but they’re already very impressed with its capabilities, says Project Supervisor Greg Loveland:

“The touch sensitive control of the boom is excellent. The front wheel drive with the chunky foam-filled tyres are very useful because they allow the Lasius to cope extremely well with changing ground conditions, for example moving from slab to grass to gravel, that we commonly have at our sites.

“The outriggers also help because they stop the crane from leaning over when moving across uneven ground but can be retracted when working in confined space across smooth floors.

“Having twin rear steering wheels is very as well because they move in opposite directions when the crane is turned. This helps our engineers move the crane smoothly into position. They also provide a controlled slewing process, which is very important to move and place loads in constrained spaces.

“Having the corded remote control cable allows whoever’s controlling the crane can get a full view around it and can position themselves perfectly when lifting and lowering so the load is placed exactly where it’s needed.

“Before moving over to the Winlet Lasius, we had been using an engine hoist to lift valves. But these had limitations because their legs had to be placed under the load. So, where we had pipes located on steel supports, this often couldn’t be done.

“With the Lasius, that isn’t a problem because we can just stand away from the structure and boom out over the load. “This means we won’t have to book as many contract lifts which will reduce costs and the amount of time we have to wait for the crane to arrive to carry out the lift. All in all, the Lasius is the perfect lifting tool for us. It’s going to make a huge difference.”

Dan Holgate, Area Sales Manager for Hird Sales, said: “It’s great to see the Winlet Lasius pick and carry crane is so well designed for the needs of Greg and his colleagues.

“Space at gas distribution hubs can be limited by networks of pipes and other equipment. This won’t prevent the Winlet Lasius from getting close to the load to carry out a lift safely with least effort.

“Where up-and-over reach is needed, the Winlet Lasius 1000 has a maximum hook height of four metres and a maximum radius of two metres, so there are plenty of options for flexible lifting.

“If Cadent’s engineers are working in controlled public spaces, the crane allows lifts to be planned and executed in the smallest space, minimising disruption for customers and the wider public.

“Using the Winlet Lasius will reduce the amount of time lifts take. Its pick and carry capability will simplify lifts so gas maintenance work can be carried out with smaller teams.

“It means using the crane will improve productivity and reduce costs. The Winlet Lasius generates a lot of wins for Cadent.”

Winlet Lasius - IN ACTION

The Winlet Lasius 1000 is simply to control using a tiller arm. Its long-lasting batteries deliver silent fume-free and low carbon footprint operation, supporting NetZero 2050 commitments.

It has a SWL of 600kg at maximum hook height and 200kg at maximum radius, with a negative boom to allow loads to be lifted from the floor. There are also hook points along its telescopic boom for flexible lifting.

The Winlet Lasius 1000 has a stored length of 2.5m while it weighs 1,325kg, including counterbalance weights, making it easy to transport.

Hird Sales can also supply the Winlet Lasius 1500. It has a 1,500kg SWL, an improved working height and radius, and power-assisted steering.

Winlet Lasius Training - Hird Training - training centres across the UK

Cadent’s mini pick and carry crane will be based at Grimsby, Lincolnshire. The first engineers who will use it have already undergone training at the Hird Training Centre in Hull.

Cadent operates the UK’s largest gas distribution network. Its 82,000 miles of pipes takes gas to 11 million homes and businesses throughout the North West, West Midlands, East Midlands, South Yorkshire, East of England, and North London.

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