Righetti Cladding Lifters

Specs Series CL-WSeries CL1-4Series CL1-6
Max. lifting capacity 375 kg250 kg400 kg
Weight of lifter 61 kg118 | 156 | 197 kg134 | 172 | 213 kg
Number of suction pads 1 4 6
Rotate 90 °360 °360 °
Tilt 90 °90 °90 °
Suction cup dimension 1,000 x 500 mm800 x 120 mm800 x 120 mm
Structural depth 280 mm250 mm250 mm
Power source inc charger Battery (110v on-board charger) Battery Battery

Righetti vacuum lifters provide a safer, more productive method of lifting and handling insulated roofing and cladding panels.

Designed specifically for the roofing and cladding industry.

Key Benefits of using Cladding lifter equipment:

  • Faster installation – less time on site can help save money and help other contractors.
  • Fewer operatives – enabling workers to be assigned to alternative projects.
  • Improved safety – the vacuum lifter has a firm grip of the load, can monitor load safety and dual vacuum circuits help guarantee load holding.
  • Reduced fatigue and fewer injuries as workers don’t need to do the heavy lifting or difficulty tilting of insulated cladding panels.


The largest capacity for a Righetti cladding lifter is 400kg but each lifter has its own safe working load.

Righetti Series CL-W

Maximum lifting capacity is 375kg,
Number of suction cup is 1
and suction cup dimension is 100mm x 500mm

Righetti Series CL1-4:

Maximum lifting capacity is 250kg,
Number of suction cups are 4
and suction cup dimension is 800mm x 120mm

Righetti Series CL1-6:

Maximum lifting capacity is 400kg,
Number of suction cups are 6
and suction cup dimension is 800mm x 120mm


The CL1-6 vacuum cladding lifter is particularly suited to lifting and manoeuvring micro-ribbed or trapezoidal sandwich panels.
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