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SK1000 – Stone Lifter


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Let the Stone Vac SK1000 do the hard work when lifting stone materials or construction panels such as drywall or plasterboard.

  • Side lift arm aids lifting
  • Range of spreader beams available
  • Low vacuum and overload alerts
  • Suitable for polished stone materials

Power Source


Lifting Capacity

1000 kg

Gross Weight

44 kg

Pad Diameter

450 x 900 ∅




240 volts

Stone Vacuum Lifter For Sale

If you are looking for a vacuum lifter that’s built for lifting slabs, stones, drywall panels, polished stone such as granite worktops or plasterboard sheets – the SK1000 may be of interest to you.

Is there a safe working load on stone lifters?

This stone vacuum lifter has a safe working load of 1,000kg. In addition, there is an audible alarm if the stone lifter is overloaded.


Why choose a stone vacuum lifter?

A stone vacuum lifter is a safe and effective way to lift and move heavy stone slabs or sheets. It has been designed to lift both porous and non-porous stone. It can also handle other materials such as drywall construction panels, plaster board, structural insulated panels and metal slabs or sheets.

The SK1000 stone vacuum lifter has a constant running vacuum system and closed-cell foam pad design. This means it can also lift materials with irregular and textured stone surfaces. It also has an audio-visual low vacuum alarm to ensure materials are always lifted safely.

The SK1000 stone vacuum lifter is perfectly suited to modern architectural and construction techniques. Stone cladding of buildings, especially in high-value develops in places like central London, has become increasingly common. Contractors are demanding stone lifting solutions that are safe, flexible and cost effective – and that integrate well with demanding construction schedules.

The SK1000 stone vacuum lifter enables our customers to lift materials safely and productively. Minimised manual handling reduces the risk of injury and damage to the load or surrounding structures. Productivity is improved because it requires smaller lifting teams. When combined with a pick and carry compact crane, the vacuum lifter can be used just as easily to pick and carry stone slabs in live environments.

This makes it an ideal stone lifter hire option for use by facilities management contractors to repair or replace stone and other materials. The SK1000 is a sustainable stone lifting device, and when combined with an electric mini crane, can be used in both internal and external environments.

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