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Corso Beam Clamp

£154.24 excl VAT £185.09 incl VAT

Hird Code: HO011

Corso Spindle Beam Clamp For Transporting Materials

The Corso beam clamp range can be quickly and easily assembled onto a steel beam, creating a reliable anchor point for lifting equipment such as Tirfor, Bravo, Tralift, Minifor and Tralift TT.

•    WLL 1t
•    Easy width adjustment to the size of the steel beam
•    Generously sized body made of steel alloy
•    High stability when fixed correctly
•    Spindle bar is locked from rotating by tightening a grub screw

Corso beam clamps for material handling

Corso Beam Clamps by Tracte

Tractel’s adjustable Corso Beam Clamp can be fitted safely and easily to a wide variety of beams

The Corso Clamps are operated/ tightened using the integral hand crank, but can be easily moved to suit the load.

Can be used in conjunction with lifting equipment such as  Tirfor, Minifor TR30 or Minifor TR 50 amongst others

Corso Beam clamps is one of a range of Corso products for sale from Hird Sales


Tractel is a world leading safety specialist providing reliable, innovative and cost-effective working-at-height solutions and services. These solutions are used in many end-user applications, in particular in industrial, construction, energy, telecoms and infrastructure projects. They are well established manufacturer of working-at-height personal protective equipment – fall arrest devices (Stopfor, Blocfor, Derope), anchors, harnesses – as well as collective protective equipment, such as guardrails, (BlueWater), safety gates (Fabenco) and safety nets (Knot).

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