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High quality Load arresters (sometime written as load arrestors) are designed to stop or catch falling equipment if the lifting equipment fails – a secondary safety device. 

Kratos Range Load Arresters: Safety and Efficiency
Kratos Safety, a company renowned for its innovation, quality, and commitment to safety, manufacturer a wide range of safety equipment – including a comprehensive range of Load Arresters, designed to protect people and materials in the work environment.

What is a Kratos Load Arrester?
At its core, a Load Arrester is a safety device that offers protection against falling loads, especially when these loads are suspended above personnel or valuable equipment. They come into action when a load falls or descends at an unusually high speed, providing an automatic braking system that mitigates the risk of accidents and material damages.

What rope is used with a Kratos Load Arrestor?
It is galvanized steel wire rope – the length will depend on the particular model – some will have a choice. If you are not certain which length of wire rope to use, contact the HIrd Sales team to discuss further

Where can i buy a Kratos Load Arrester / Load Arrestor?
Either online – on this site – or by calling the Hird Sales team during normal business hours.


Call the Hird Sales team – 01482 481960

Onsite Delivery

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