Up, up and away with Righetti vacuum cladding lifters

Not all vacuum lifters are suitable for lifting cladding and roofing panels. You need to be confident that once up off the ground, the vacuum lifter will hold the panels securely until it’s ready to be released.

Righetti vacuum lifters are designed specifically for the roofing and cladding industry, with every feature addressing a common issue with handling roofing and cladding panels.

The Righetti Series CL1-6, pictured here is a case in point:

  • The cladding vacuum lifter’s 6 suction cups are designed to lift micro-ribbed, trapezoidal or smooth panels – No need for multiple vacuum lifters for different shaped panels.
  • It has a dual vacuum circuit so that if one circuit fails, the second remains operational, protecting the load and workers on site. This safety system complies fully with EN13155 safety standards.
  • For additional safety, the vacuum control unit constantly monitors the vacuum level in the circuit and warns the operator of any dangers with audio-visual alarms.
  • The tilting mechanism allows the panels to be moved from a horizontal position to a vertical position safely – Helping to transport the panels to exactly where they are needed.

These features help speed up the cladding panel installation process but without compromising on operator safety and minimising damage to panels.

Righetti Function Focus
The Righetti CL1-6 is powered by rechargeable batteries that can be removed and replaced easily as necessary.
Righetti lifter lifting cladding panels
Righetti CL6 400KG lifter lifting cladding panels
Righetti CL6 400KG lifter lifting cladding panels

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