Roofing made easy with Righetti vacuum lifters

It’s not only cladding panels that Righetti vacuum lifters can be used for, they are also suitable for use with roof tiling panels.

Tile effect roofing panels are becoming more and more popular as they offer the traditional look of tiles but without the time-consuming installation process. Lightweight and durable, they require minimal maintenance during their lifetime, making them a good choice for all types of buildings.

Righetti vacuum lifters have been designed so the suction pads can adapt to any shape of panel. They provide a safer alternative to manual handing when lifting roofing panels off the ground to roof level.

The Righetti Series CL1-4 and the Righetti Series CL1-6 are both designed for cladding and roofing panels with maximum lifting capacities of 250kg and 400kg respectively.

Righetti Function Focus
Both the CL1-4 and CL1-6 are supplied with a transporting stand which can be used to store the cladding vacuum lifter when not in use.
Righetti roof panel lifting

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