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uvex X-Fit Disposable Earplugs (Pack of 50 Pairs)

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Hird Code: HAR2U0006

Ergonomically pre-shaped for comfort and fit, these uvex X-Fit disposable earplugs feature an X-shaped embossing which helps reduce the level of pressure created inside the ear canals. It also helps to improve grip and makes it easier to remove the plugs from the ears when necessary. Supplied as a mini-dispenser box of 50 pairs, these high-attenuating earplugs are suitable for use in high-noise areas.

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• Polyurethane foam earplugs
• For single use
• Pre-shaped to make it easier to provide a secure fit
• X-shaped embossing helps to reduce pressure in the ear canals for increased comfort and to aid grip when removing
• Ear protection for high-noise environments
• Free from PVC
• Supplied as a mini-dispenser box of 50 pairs

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EN 352-2:2002
SNR: 37dB

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