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Stanley PowerLock 10m Tape Measure 10M/33ftx25mm

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Hird Code: HAR3132400

Stanley Powerlock measuring tapes have been designed to take on a wide range of tasks. The Mylar-coated blade is not only long but wide, with both imperial and metric measurements, so reading and recording sizes is particularly easy. This is aided by the true-zero hook and the slip-resistant ABS casing.

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• Lengthy 25mm-thick Stanley measuring tape blade
• Shock-proof, chrome-plated ABS case is slip-resistant
• Tape features both metric and imperial measurements
• Mylar coating on the blade ensure durability, so it lasts up to ten times longer than traditionally coated blades
• Solid true-zero end hook provides accuracy of ±0.5mm
• Simple, sturdy design ensures this tape measure can be used for a variety of tasks
• Class II accuracy
• EEC pattern 1690 part 11

Great for…
Builders / architects / carpenters / electricians / plumbers

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