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Reliance Medical Scandi British-Standard Critical Injury Pack

£238.75 excl VAT £286.50 incl VAT

Hird Code: HAR4F3012

Ambulances in the United Kingdom aim to reach an injured patient within eight minutes, but when someone is suffering from catastrophic bleeding every single second counts. That’s where this workplace critical injury pack comes in, fully stocked with everything you need to help someone with a severe injury. Supplied in a practical and portable bag, having this critical injury pack on hand to tend to an injured individual could literally be the difference between life and death.

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• BS8599 critical injury pack designed to provide immediate first aid to someone with severe bleeding
• Contains two haemostatic dressings, two large trauma dressings, a foil blanket, two pairs of gloves, shears and a tourniquet
• Supplied in a convenient and practical Scandi bag

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