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Reliance Medical Medium British-Standard First Aid Kit

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Hird Code: HAR55G1202

First aid kits play a critical role in lessening the severity of accidents in the workplace. If a workplace is without a first aid kit, small injuries could become a much larger problem which could not only cause short-term issues but potentially long-term health problems for the affected employee, thereby impacting their health, quality of life, quality of work and workplace satisfaction. Alternatively, simply having a first aid kit on hand can help you and your colleagues avoid these issues. Suitable for a wide range of workplaces and conditions, this Reliance Medical British-standard workplace first aid kit is fully stocked to meet modern first aid necessities.

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• BS8599 first aid kit created specifically to meet modern workplace necessities
• Provided in a practical, portable carry case, with wall bracket included
• This kit contains two conforming bandages three triangular bandages, two burn dressings, three eye pad dressings, three finger dressings, seven HSE dressings, two foil blankets, nine gloves, sixty plasters, a resuscitation face shield, shears, microporous tape and thirty cleansing wipes
• Suitable for low-hazard workplaces with fewer than one-hundred employees, or high-hazard workplaces with up to 25 employees
• All contents are approved by HSE and meet British standards
• Refills available separately

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BS 8599-1:2019
BS 8599-2:2014

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