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Reliance Medical General-Purpose First Aid Kit Pouch

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Hird Code: HAR55G9710

First aid kits play a critical role in lessening the severity of accidents in the workplace. If a workplace is without a first aid kit, small injuries could become a much larger problem which could not only cause short-term issues but potentially long-term health problems for the affected employee, thereby impacting their health, quality of life, quality of work and workplace satisfaction. Alternatively, simply having a first aid kit on hand can help you and your colleagues avoid these issues. Be ready to deal with accidents and injuries on-the-go with this Reliance Medical general-purpose first aid kit pouch. The convenient pouch contains a wide variety of supplies such as bandages, dressings and even burn gel, so you can be prepared for minor incidents at your workplace.

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• First aid kit provided in a small, convenient pouch
• Pouch features a clear first aid symbol and a sturdy zip
• Contents are suitable for dealing with minor injuries
• This kit contains a guidance leaflet, two pairs of Religlove nitrile gloves, HSE sterile dressings, eye pad dressings, Relipad low-adherent dressing pads, a triangular bandage, three 3.5g BurnSoothe burn blot sachets, twenty Dependaplast washproof plasters, Relitape microporous tape, shears, ten Reliwipe moist cleansing wipes and twelve safety pins

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