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MARTOR SECUPRO 625 Safety Knife

£34.63 excl VAT £41.56 incl VAT

Hird Code: HAR5516412

With its robust aluminium body and ergonomic design, this MARTOR safety knife is suitable for heavy-duty use while still being comfortable enough to use over extended periods. Its large cutting depth of 21mm means that it can tackle carpet, leather, and three-ply cardboard with no problem, with its fully automatic blade retraction mechanism ensuring your safety by concealing the blade as soon as the cutting stops.

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• Safety knife with a fully automatic retractable blade mechanism designed to reduce the risk of injury by instantly concealing the blade after each cut, regardless of whether the trigger is still held down
• Large cutting depth of 21mm makes it suitable for heavy-duty use
• Easy to change blades
• Ergonomic and ambidextrous design has a squeeze lever that’s easy to operate and a soft grip
• Safety lock prevents the blade being exposed accidentally
• Each blade has two usable sides, making each last twice as long
• Eyelet allows it to be attached to lanyards and wristbands
• Viable blades include the trapezoid 60099 (steel), trapezoid 60099C (ceramic), trapezoid 99 (steel), trapezoid 199 (non-corrosive steel) and hook blade 98 (steel), available separately

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