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Red Heavy-Duty Line Marking Paint 750ml

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Hird Code: HAR5717702

Red line marking paint or spot markers are great for individuals undertaking DIY projects, as well as for creating sports pitches and courts. Red marker paint is also widely used in surveying, construction, road works and for marking utilities, ensuring that there are clear indicators for others. Suitable for use on concrete, tarmac and more, this Arco heavy-duty line marking spray paint is especially versatile and easy to use. You can create bright, highly visible lines on almost any surface that requires lines or boundaries, and the paint will be touch-dry within five minutes then fully cured within a day. Hardwearing and tough, this marker spray paint is ideal for warehouses, storage areas, sports courts and roads.

Learn more…
• Heavy-duty, acrylic-based line marking spray paint supplied in an easy-to-use cannister
• Free from lead and xylene
• Extremely tough and hardwearing
• Touch-dry in just five minutes and fully dry within 30 minutes depending on the thickness of the applied paint
• Fully cured in 24 hours
• Can be used on concrete, tarmac, wood and composites
• Ideal for road repairs, car parks, sport courts, warehouses and storage areas

Great for…
Warehousing / roadworks / retail / sports / leisure

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