Glass Suckers

Hird Sales have a range of glass suckers (also known as suction lifters or hand cups) in stock for quick delivery – Single Cup or 1 cup glass suckers, Two Cup glass suckers and Three cup glass suckers.


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Manufacturers of Glass Suckers

There are are number of Glass Sucker manufacturers.

We stock Veribor glass suckers, manufactured by Bohle and portable vacuum lifters by GRABO.

What are Glass Suckers?

Glass Suckers are known in many many different forms – terms like vacuum cups, suction cups, glass lifting suction cups, portable electric vacuum cups, suction lifters, window suction cups, glass suction cups, glass vacuum lifters, glazing robots and many more. Each of these differs in scale and functionality but they all help lift and handle glass.

Where are glass suckers manufactured?

Veribor glass suckers are manufactured in Germany. They are manufactured and quality tested at the Bohle facility in Haan. Many of the individual components are supplied by long term, local suppliers. This has helped them gain an enviable  reputation for reliability.

Why use Glass Suckers?

Using Glass suckers reduces the risk of injury by helping to pick up glass, lift glass up or manoeuvre glass across site. Direct manual handling of glass panels can result in injuries such as cuts, abrasion wounds and impact wounds from broken glass. 

What is the lifting capacity of a glass sucker?

Our Veribor glass suckers have a lifting capacity from 25kg up to 120kg. The lifting capacity depends on a number of factors including the number of sucker cups attached to the glass pane.

Do Glass suckers have harmful ingredients?

No, we only stock glass suckers that are free from carcinogenic hydrocarbon compounds (PAH). Aluminium glass suckers do not contain any lead alloys. 

Do you hire glass suckers?

Our group company Hird can help with glass sucker hire – see

 What is a GRABO?

The GRABO is a highly portable vacuum lifter. It is powered by lithium ion battery and is a powerful lifting tool that helps with manual handling.

 It is widely used by contractors and builders to assist in the lifting and movement of heavy or bulky building supplies such as glass, paving slabs, concrete tiles or drywall.

 There are three Grabo products that can act as glass suckers, but , as vacuum lifter, they can be used for a lot more

  • Grabo Pro – the digital glass sucker with automated on/off switch
  • Grabo Plus – the original hand-held battery-powered glass sucker (vacuum lifter). Manual controls compared to the Grabo Pro
  • Ottovac – Single button operation to gain suction onto smooth surfaces. Glass sucker up to 100kg

Can Glass Suckers help with thousands of worker injuries each year?

In a survey conducted by National Health Services (NHS) 210,000 people attend hospital each year in England and Wales for treatment of an injury caused by glass.

These include injury by car glass, glass ampoule and glass windows, but amongst the largest groups are site workers who lift and handle glass. 


Call the Hird Sales team – 01482 481960

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