Safety is number 1 priority for Righetti vacuum lifters

Righetti vacuum lifters have been designed specifically for the roofing and cladding industry to boost productivity via an easy to use method of lifting and moving insulated roofing and cladding panels.

As well as being focused on productivity, safety is a big priority for Righetti. Not only the safety of operators and workers on site, but also of the panels themselves, limiting costly damages.

Take the CL1-6 vacuum lifter for example. It, like all Righetti vacuum lifters, meets the highest safety standards to protect workers and the load.
It has a dual vacuum circuit so that if one circuit fails, there is a backup circuit to prevent the load from being released. Whilst it can handle different types of panels, flat (micro-ribbed or corrugated panels), the unit is constantly monitoring the vacuum level in the circuit and will sound an alarm should it detect a fault.
A further safety feature is a self-diagnosis that the unit carries out each time it’s switched on, to check all components are functioning correctly.

Both the CL1-6, CL1-4 and Series CL-W comply with EN13155.

Righetti Function Focus
The CL1-6 vacuum lifter has suction cups designed to lift micro-ribbed or trapezoidal panels used for roofing and cladding.
Righetti cl1-6 - roofing panels

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