Righetti vacuum lifter aids insulated wall panel installation

The Righetti CL-W cladding vacuum lifter has been specifically designed for handling insulated wall panels (sometimes known as sandwich panels) and facade panels, moving them safely from horizontal to vertical without damage.

The vacuum plates are suitable for both smooth and micro-ribbed panels and can even be used with glass panels. As soon as the vacuum plates touch the panel, the suction system kicks in ensuring a fast and safe grip of the load. To further enhance the grip, the vacuum lifter is equipped with articulated plates which adapt to the inclination of the wall panels.

All safety considerations have been thought of with a dual circuit vacuum system that meets European standards EN13155. The double vacuum circuit ensures that if there is a malfunction or breakdown in one of the circuits, the second one will continue working, guaranteeing the safety of the load and of the operator.

Righetti Function Focus
The Righetti CL-W cladding vacuum lifter can be operated remotely. This is particularly helpful when the load is an awkward shape and it’s safer to activate the release of the load at a distance.
Righetti - CL-W - application - insulated wall panels

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