Righetti innovation for wavy wall panels

Architecture is constantly evolving, and with it, new design techniques are created. When it comes to cladding panels, finishes can be smooth, textured and anything in between.

These photos of a cladding panel installation in Vicenza, Italy, show a type of sandwich wall panel that has a wavy finish. And the cladding lifter they chose to carry out the installation?

The Righetti CL-6 vacuum cladding lifter.

Righetti CL-6 in action
Righetti CL-6 in action
Righetti CL-6 in action

The Righetti CL-6 vacuum lifter has been designed to be flexible enough to cope with the demands of any work site. The suction pads can be interchanged depending on the types of cladding panels it needs to lift.

Custom suction pads were developed to be used with this wavy sandwich panel, providing a safe lifting solution and removing the need for manual handling.

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Righetti Function Focus
The Righetti cladding vacuum provide a safe working environment and able to manoeuvre large panels.

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