Replace damaged cladding panels with Righetti

Wall cladding panels shouldn’t need replacing that often. However, rust, dents and scratches are all common issues that can appear on cladding over time, effecting its structural integrity and the overall appearance of the building.

When it’s necessary to replace cladding or roofing panels, a vacuum lifter such as the Righetti Series CL1-6 will provide a safe method of handling and lifting the panels, removing the need for manual handling.

The cladding lifter’s cups are designed to lift micro-ribbed or trapezoidal panels as well as smooth panels. The panels can be installed either vertically and horizontally, so only one vacuum lifter is needed regardless of how many types of panels there are.

Key features of the Righetti CL1-6:

  • It has 6 suction pads which are suitable for lifting and installing flat, micro-ribbed or corrugated panels.
  • It has a maximum load capacity of 400kg.
  • It has a dual vacuum circuit, providing a back-up should one circuit fail.
  • It has an alarm system to alert the operator of any problems with the vacuum.
  • It is powered by rechargeable batteries

Using a Righetti vacuum lifter will save time and ensure the cladding installation is carried out efficiently and with minimal damage to the panels.

Righetti Function Focus
The Righetti CL1-6 can be extended by adding additional suction cups to lift longer cladding panels.
Righetti CL1-6 vacuum lifter

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